Motion Graphics







This training will help you design animated assets and models that can be used for different media channels A program in this field can prepare you for a career as a motion graphics designer or animator for Web media, video game production, music video production, television or film, as well as various marketing and advertising campaigns. Your familiarity with a wide variety of animation software, from basic Adobe Photoshop to 4-D programs, can strengthen your resume as a motion graphics designer or animator.
  • Photoshop for Motion Graphics
  • Illustrator for Motion Graphics
  • After Effects ( Classroom in a book)
  • After Effects (Studio Techniques)
  • Premiere
  • Audition
Motion graphic designers are skilled professionals who create graphic artworks for movies, online videos, television programs, etc. They are highly skilled persons who use visual effects and animations for creating attractive works. This career is a fairly new field which is becoming popular each day with new technologies and different ideas. Motion graphic designers need to be technologically up to date to perform well in the market.
In addition to 60 hours of technical training, trainees will also get:
  • Character development training
  • How to pass job interviews training
  • How to write your resume professionally training
  • Exposure to freelancing platforms to facilitate landing a job
  • Familiarizing the trainee with the operating companies in their field of choice
  • Get Next Academy accreditation certificate
  • Graphic designer
  • Animator