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The freelance web developer track covers everything students need to become front-end developers who are able to monetize their skills as freelancers. This is a different track that depends  on implementation through our unique methodology of practical training, projects preparation, transfer of experience from the lecturer to the trainee and does not just rely on providing the theoretical material because the goal is practical experience. This course goes straight to the point and will teach student everything that is essential to become a front-end developer in just a few days and how they can make money selling top quality websites to clients in the most effective way in the current freelancing market.
  • What you will learn :

    • Learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, My SQL and other relevant web design coding languages
    • Learn Ajax, JQuery and Dojo Toolkit
    • Create and test applications for websites
    • Collaborate
    • Present design specs
    • Work with graphics and other designers
    • Troubleshoot website problems
    • Maintain and update websites
    • Monitor website traffic
    • Stay up-to-date on technology
  • Introduction To Web Development   
  • Object oriented PHP programming skills needed to successfully build interactive website.
  • MySQL database skills to build the databases that will power websites.
  • HTML5, advanced CSS3 techniques and JavaScript.
  • Ajax Image upload  
  • Object oriented Ajax with Dojo Toolkit.    
  • Project ( Portfolio website for a real client )    
  • Overall idea about freelance outsourcing 
  • Payment systems from freelancing sites      
  • Marketplace
Web Developer Education, Skills & Competencies prerequisites : Education:

Many high school classes cover the basics necessary to the field. As an added bonus our web developer track starts from the foundation level. In addition to the technical skills necessary for the job, there are several soft skills that can be very beneficial to anyone looking for a career as a web developer.


One line of code can have a significant impact on a website’s functionality or appearance, and web developers need to be sure they aren’t missing key details. When troubleshooting, they need to be able to know where to look for the problem.


Projects aren’t always handled one at a time, and one client’s emergency sometimes can push another project to the backburner. Web developers need to be able to juggle multiple projects without missing deadlines.


The work can be solitary at times. Web developers need to be able to stay on task without anyone standing over them.


Websites need to be functional as well as attractive, and clients’ needs in these regards might not always be easy to meet. Web developers need to figure out how to translate a client’s vision to an actual, functional website.

Good under pressure:

Tight deadlines are common when designing or updating websites. Developers need to be able to handle the pressure of having work done when needed.

In addition to 60 hours of technical training, trainees will also get:
  • Character development training
  • How to pass job interviews training
  • How to write your resume professionally training
  • Exposure to freelancing platforms to facilitate landing a job
  • Familiarizing the trainee with the operating companies in their field of choice
  • Get Next Academy accreditation certificate
  • Web developer
  • Web Programmer