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Khareeg Raqami:

It is a program to qualify and empower university students and graduates who are looking for self-employment opportunities in their villages and small towns to create real job opportunities for them in the field of information technology and digital transformation, to achieve a suitable income and help them build a distinguished professional future within their home towns.


  • Provide an opportunity for job seekers in villages and small towns (249 small towns in 27 governorates) to start self-employment that brings profit to those enrolled in the program.
  • Qualifying those enrolled in the program to lead the digital transformation process within their villages and small towns.
  • Merging small and micro activities and making them dependent on information technology to achieve profit and spread.
  • Supporting the process of sustainable development within the governorates with limited job opportunities by creating real and continuous job opportunities without the need for young people to migrate internally.
  • Acceleration of the digital transformation process.

  • Positions for which Khareeg Raqami qualifies:

    Digital Business Creator: Freelance person who is able to find integrated digital solutions for small businesses to help them sell their products and services via internet. This starts with creating a website with the concept of supporting e-commerce and marketing starting by contacting the target audience. His tasks then are as follows, which are done with the support of the rest of the team of other specializations:
  • Target activity analysis.
  • Proposing solutions and supporting them to develop the site.
  • Building a website commensurate with the nature of the activity
  • E-Marketing Continuous technical support for the activity to ensure its continuity and success

  • Program Implmentation Methodology:

    1. Explore Career Path: This Module contains a set of pre-prepared questions that student's answers determine the most appropriate jobs for him, and the student can identify, through illustrative videos, the job and all the details related to it.
    2. Registration: The student can then register through the available schedule with the specified dates and times.
    3. Training Delivery:
      • The training available online (Live sessions ) or In class room.
      • The training depending on practice and project to qualify student how to start his business, so the topics will covered by expertise in the market are:
        - Soft skills
        - Technical tracks.
    4. Coaching Team: Expertise support team for knowledge transfer after training.
    5. Digital Business Creator: Start, market, manage and improve business in your city.


    Digital Business Creator – E-Commerce Specialist:
    Design, Develop and manage e-commerce platform.

    Digital Business Creator – Digital Marketing Specialist:
    Planning, design and manage digital marketing activities.

    Digital Business Creator – Graphic Designer:
    Design all needed materials for digital marketing activities