Khareeg Raqami:

Join the digital age with affordable career qualifying training


The digital age is not a vision anymore, it’s a reality that we face daily. We use our phones and computers to do everything from food orders to requesting rides.

So do you know how this happens on your screen?

Do you know how you saw an ad on social media evening when you searched for it  in the morning?

You should know because this is the only way of doing things from now on. It is all digital and in turn you can only find digital jobs.

At Next Academy we know that formal education may not have had the chance to catch up quickly to the digital age. We also believe that everyone should have a fair opportunity to learn these new tools without spending all their savings. We want to help you earn a living for yourself and develop our community. 

This is why we decided to take all our years of experience and create an affordable and powerful program for our young generation to help them start their digital careers with ease.

Functional tracks

Learn how to use ERP applications used to manage large corporations and factories. Explore the general concepts of ERPs and how to use any of them using one of the most known providers, Oracle E-business Suite as an applicable example.

Technical tracks

Build different types of applications, code the functions you need and create new solutions and models.

business tracks

Move all your business activities to the digital channels, develop your own shops or create engaging media to attract your customers.