Game developers create and design video game software for computers and gaming consoles. They are involved in almost every aspect of video game production, from the initial concept phase through to the final testing. A game developer’s main duty is to translate ideas and game requirements into code.

  • Core
  • Advanced
  • unity 3d
  • 2d & 3D Game Project
  • Maya
  • Zbrush
  • Motion builder
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The video game market is ever-expanding, and there is never a shortage of jobs for experienced and novice designers – although it may take a while to find a role that is a perfect fit for your skill-set. Working for yourself by doing freelance consultancy work or taking an internship are other options.

This course is presented by :

  • Creating initial storylines and character biographies.
  • Translating ideas into efficient code.
  • Constructing the game base engine.
  • Generating storyboards and game scripts.
  • Contributing to the audio and graphic design.
  • Animating game characters and environment.
  • Developing milestones and schedules.
  • Creating game quality unit tests.
  • Maintaining code and fixing game bugs.
  • Creating game specifications and operating instructions.
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