A Data Scientist is a professional who uses analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect large data sets.
They develop data-driven solutions explicitly tailored toward the needs of an organization.

  • Introduction to Big Data analytics
  • Data Analytics Lifecycle
  • Basic data analytics methods using R
  • Advanced analytics theory and methods
  • Advanced analytics—technology and tools
  • Putting it all together (Data visualization techniques)
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If you have a solid background in an analytical discipline, such as physics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, economics, or statistics, you can basically teach yourself the basics of data science.

This course is presented by :

  • Identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes.
  • Undertake preprocessing of structured and unstructured data.
  • Analyze large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns.
  • Build predictive models and machine-learning algorithms.
  • Combine models through ensemble modeling.
  • Present information using data visualization techniques.
  • Propose solutions and strategies to business challenges.
  • Collaborate with engineering and product development teams.
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