More than 17 year helping digital business to operate and grow in Middle East.

Our Story

About NEXT

Next Academy is an information technology pioneer aiming to provide the IT industry with qualified talents to satisfy its resource needs by using a practical training approach, periodically reassessed to match the IT market dynamics.

Who We Serve

New Graduates (Job Seekers) and Undergraduates

Assist you in exploring the IT career that best matches your talents. Then provide you with the suitable tracks to construct your IT career path in an environment that resembles the actual one so that you may take the next professional step toward your ideal career.

IT Service Providers

By understanding their teams training needs, we enable enterprises ranging from IT service providers to technology clients to sustain and grow their digital businesses and find competent, professional, and well-trained candidates.


Access high-quality IT job training routes, expand your opportunities and innovate for your future.


Providing personalized IT programs for your personnel based on analyzing training needs to enhance their technical capabilities.

Government Sector

We design special IT training programs for the government sector to increase efficiency and digital transformation capabilities.

Our Mission Statement


Qualify the Job seekers to acquire the practical knowledge and skills needed to start and progress their IT career.


To be the most trusted Expertise Determination and Qualification entity in the IT Field

Our Core Values





Customers First


Our Story

Our Story

We have understood since our inception in 2005 that the future is digital, and our mission has been to equip fresh graduates, job seekers, and corporate workers to be qualified for the most demanding tasks in the IT Career sector in both local and worldwide markets. We choose specialization over general IT training to focus on tracks that would immediately lead to knowledge and skill growth through hands-on and focused practical learning, guaranteeing that the applicant is work ready as soon as he completes the program. We developed our specialties based on actual market needs from recruiters, organizations, and technology suppliers to ensure that graduates can find work.