A software tester is responsible for designing test scenarios for software usability, running these tests, and preparing reports on the effectiveness and defects to the production team. A software tester is also known as a software test engineer or a quality assurance (QA) tester.

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Developing Windows Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio

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Software Testing with Visual Studio

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In order to become a software tester, one must have a background in programming and computer science. This is because testing requires knowledge of how the program interacts with the computer, as well as how it works.

هذه الدورة مقدمة من :

Reviewing software requirements and preparing test scenarios

Executing tests on software usability

Analyzing test results on database impacts, errors or bugs, and usability

Preparing reports on all aspects related to the software testing carried out and reporting to the design team

Interacting with clients to understand product requirements

Participating in design reviews and providing input on requirements, product design, and potential problems

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