SOC analysts are the first to respond to cyber security incidents. They report on cyberthreats and implement any
changes needed to protect the organization.
SOC analysts are considered the last line of defense and they usually work as part of a large security team,
working alongside security managers and cybersecurity engineers. Typically, SOC analysts report to the
company’s chief information security officer (CISO).
SOC analysts need to be detail oriented because they are responsible for monitoring many aspects
simultaneously. They need to watch the protected network and respond to threats and events. The level of
responsibility typically depends on the size of the organization




CCNA CyberOps

Final Projects

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The job can be a great stepping stone into a cybersecurity career, but it's also a demanding and somewhat repetitive job that can cause burnout.

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Implement and manage security tools

Investigate suspicious activities, contain and prevent them

Reduce downtime and ensure business continuity

Providing security services to the rest of the organization

Audit and compliance support

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