Enterprise Performance Management System
Oracle Hyperion Planning and Budgeting

Oracle Hyperion Planning is a centralized planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability.

“WAZEEFA TECH Initiative” In progress (2022). Oracle Hyperion & EPM Track

Oracle EBS & Cloud General Ledger Management Fundamentals

Oracle Hyperion Planning and Budgeting

Planning allows you to make better business decisions by creating goal-oriented, driver-based plans.

Show you how to configure, setup and create the data source and application

Enable you to manage the input data through manage dimensions and forms

Enable you to manage the output data through reports

Enable you to manage the data integration with Hyperion

Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Oracle Planning and budgeting cloud service

Planning allows you to make better business decisions by creating goal-oriented, driver-based plans.

Get immediate insight into your performance with interactive dashboards and reports and leverage predictive planning to recommend the best path forward

Planning Training Paths

Enable you to manage the Planning business process by adding dimensions and members, as well as importing members and loading data

Show you how to set up security, create forms, dashboards, and infolets

Explore how to manage the business and set up navigation flows.

Data integration flow

Other Planning functionality

Soft Skills Courses (Character Building, Presentation, Negotiation, Communication & Problem Solving)

People with Strong written and oral communication. Organization and attention to detail. Analytical and problem solving skills. Time management.

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Oracle Partner

Reduce planning, budgeting, and forecasting cycles by weeks or months

Improve accuracy of plans and forecasts

Shrink the user learning curve by leveraging a Microsoft Office-based interface

Eliminate time lag between when plans are updated and reports are refreshed

Reduce cost of ownership through superior application deployment, management tools, and packaged data integration

Choose to deploy in the Oracle Cloud, on premises, in a third-party data center, or any combination

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