Oracle 12c Developer career track is a career builder for aspiring application developers. This course is designed to prepare students to handle the responsibilities of an Oracle Developer effectively. The objective of this track is to provide students a strong conceptual knowledge and lots of hands-on exercises to help understand the Oracle 12c Forms Builder and Reports Builder better and to appreciate the best practices used in the industry.

Oracle Database - SQL Fundamentals I

Oracle Database - SQL Fundamentals II

Oracle Database - PL-SQL Fundamentals

Oracle Database - PL-SQL Program unit

Oracle Forms Developer - Build Internet Applications

Oracle Reports Developer - Build Reports

Final Project

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College/university faculty who teach computer programming or a related subject


End User

Bachelor degree (Any Specialization)

Acceptable personal skills

Ability to learn

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Oracle Partner

Understand the basic concepts of relational databases ensure refined code by developers

Create reports of sorted and restricted data

Run data manipulation statements (DML)

Control database access to specific objects

Manage schema objects

Manage objects with data dictionary views

Retrieve row and column data from tables

Control privileges at the object and system level

Create indexes and constraints; alter existing schema objects

Create and query external tables

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