Embedded software engineers are responsible for developing and implementing software for embedded systems such as routers, smartwatches, televisions, and hybrid vehicles. They are involved in the complete life-cycle of the embedded software product, from building the code through to final testing and device implementation.

C Programming Essentials

UNIX and Linux Essentials

Embedded Software Engineering

Embedded Systems: Introduction to ARM Microcontrollers

C Programming for Embedded Microcontrollers

Embedded Systems: Real-Time Interfacing

Embedded Systems: Real-Time Operating Systems RTOS

Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications

Embedded Android

Embedded Systems Testing and Validation

Live Workshop & Case Study

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Embedded hardware engineers are in charge of all areas of electrical system design, including high-speed digital circuits, power management, PCB layouts, and thermal management. They work with the algorithm and software teams to design and build high-performance computing platforms.

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Meeting with clients and the software design team to determine software specifications

Creating design goals and deadlines

Designing and writing the embedded software code according to desired specifications

Testing the software for scalability and structure

Implementing the embedded system and interpreting error reports

Fixing bugs and optimizing the system

Maintaining the software program

Documenting software application values

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