An ecommerce course can help you learn valuable skills and information, boosting the chances that your online shop is a success. If you’re already doing well, courses can provide you with the tools you need to grow or succeed even more.

Whether you’re looking for information on lead generation, search engine optimization, using eBay for ecommerce, or just general online business strategy, there’s a course for you. Investigate some of the best courses above or other options, and sign up to expand your knowledge today.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to pick a course to start with. If you’re spinning your wheels trying to decide where to put your money or time resources, we can help. We’ve done the research and come up with a list of 9 top ecommerce courses for 2020.

E-Commerce Foundations.

Law and the Internet

Web Marketing Goals

Online Product Promotion

Site Usability

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and E-Services

Business-to-Business Frameworks

E-Commerce Site Creation Packages — Outsourcing

E-Commerce Site Creation Software

Site Development Software Implementation

E-Commerce Site Development Using Commerce Server

Creating an Online Catalog

Inventory Control and Order Processing

Payment Gateways

E-Service Implementation and Support

Transaction and Web Site Security

E-Learning Solutions

Site Management and Performance Testing

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The E-Commerce Specialist course is for individuals who intrested in Web technologies and want to become proficient in e-commerce practices and site design:

Web designers

Internet consultants

 IT professionals

 Marketing professionals

 Web and graphic artists

 Business professionals

 Entrepreneurs who want to develop their own Web presence

هذه الدورة مقدمة من :

Design and implement commerce-driven Web sites

Identify customer needs

Monitor customer usage patterns

Determine order processes and service after sales

Consider how e-business solutions can increase sales.

Conduct business online and manage the technical issues associated with constructing an e-commerce Website

E-commerce technology and security, and practices for securing your online transactions as well as your customers' personal information

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