A cartoon animator provides moving images and visual effects specifically for cartoons, whether they are to be shown online, on television shows or as part of a film. Animators use their artistic knowledge and advanced technology to give motion to drawings, requiring them to have a good understanding of the computer programs needed to produce animated images. The process of animating longer projects like full-length television shows and films requires a large team of animators, as each part of the animation process requires careful attention to detail. In order to keep track of the finished product while still in the design stages, most animators will work from a storyboard, giving them an idea of how to focus their work.

Art Concept

Digital Photography

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe illustrator CC

Toon Boom Animate Pro

Anime Studio Pro 8

Adobe Premiere CC

Adobe After Effects CC

Autodesk Max 2014

Z Brush

Live Workshop & Case Study

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You'll need

knowledge of media production and communication

design skills and knowledge

to be thorough and pay attention to detail

thinking and reasoning skills

the ability to use your initiative

the ability to work well with your hands

to be flexible and open to change

knowledge of the fine arts

هذه الدورة مقدمة من :

  • Work with designers and animators to develop concepts
  • Collaborate with other artists to create the final product
  • Use available tools and software to develop and refine characters
  • Work with other cartoonists and collaborate on character designs and development
  • Conceptualize new characters based on client direction
  • Finalize and ink all rough sketches
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