AI refers to developing computer systems able to perform “intelligent” tasks: visual perception, understanding language, reasoning and decision making. Machine learning is one way of building such systems based on providing the computer with examples of what it should do, and let it figure out (learn) how to do it

The integrated training aims to qualify the student to implement projects that work with artificial intelligence technology, by studying the concept and philosophy of artificial intelligence, using advanced programming languages ​​and models to integrate them with modern machines to make them independent thinking and able to implement commands and conduct interaction that simulates human intelligence

What you will learn 

Learn how to simulate complex physical processes in your work or Idea using discretization methods and numerical algorithms

Practice real-world forecasting and risk assessment using probabilistic methods

Recognize the limitations of machine learning and how you can resolve them

Understand optimization techniques and their fundamental role in machine learning

Using Python Programming language

Use different libraries in python language to construct Machine Learning and Deep Learning models

Building a project based on artificial intelligence, using tricks and ready-made ideas in specialized libraries to save time and effort

Introduction to AI and its applications

Fundamentals of Python programming language.

Linear Algebra and Statistics used in Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and implementations to python.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Use different libraries in python language to construct Machine Learning and Deep Learning models

Full AI project

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Any one studied any programming language or studied in Computer science, Engineering, Information systems is able to join this training

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:In addition to 60 hours of technical training, trainees will also get

Character development training

How to pass job interviews training

How to write your resume professionally training

Exposure to freelancing platforms to facilitate landing a job

Familiarizing the trainee with the operating companies in their field of choice

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